The Auto-Renewal Headache

Today I got two emails from One informed me that a few of my domain registrations were about to expire. That was expected; I no longer wanted them. The other was a puzzling order confirmation. My credit card had been charged for renewal of “business registrations” for those same domains.

So while I no longer owned those three domains, I did now have active business registrations for them costing $4.99 each. (I actually can’t even remember what those are or why I had them in the first place.) Great.

It actually took me a few minutes of navigating the insanity that is’s website in order to figure out what had happened. Under “Domain Manager,” my settings had auto-renew set to Off for each domain, which was correct. But under the “Business Registration” page, there is no such setting. The interface only allows you to edit profile information. There appears to be NO WAY to turn off the default auto-renewal for business registrations.

To their credit, I was able to call their billing support number, explain my situation, and get a refund. The person I spoke understood immediately what had happened and was extremely helpful.

Beware, GoDaddy customers.