comment_notify for Drupal 7

I’ve been doing a little work with Drupal for a personal project. Since I can code and have the time to work with it, I chose to go with the latest and greatest version, instead of the older stable release. Poking around in the innards of Drupal has been an interesting experience, to say the least.

I wish Drupal’s repositories were hosted on github. Sometimes module maintainers can’t keep up with all the patches submitted (I don’t blame them, it’s a ton of work), so fixes are very slow to make it into the source base. github would allow people to fork and send their patches back upstream, instead of having to hunt around on the Drupal bug reporting system.

I’ve been eager to get the comment_notify module working better for Drupal 7. I found fixes for some known issues, and also created, tested, and submitted patches of my own. I decided to make available my own fork of the module on github, for those who want to grab a patched version for their own use:

It’s meant to be a temporary solution until the fixes make it into the official module, but it’s better than nothing!