Small Victories

It always feels very rewarding when my coding-related problems have happy outcomes. A few small but cool things that have happened recently:

A while ago, I discovered an issue with the way the cherrypy web server resolves “localhost” to an IP6 address on some operating systems. The cherrypy folks actually listened to my suggestion and made a helpful change.

It looks like one person has already benefited from the tiny patch I created for a feedparser issue last week.

When I couldn’t get SQLAlchemy’s “pool_recycle” option to properly close and re-open inactive connections, the estimable Michael Bayer took a minute out of his busy life to explain what I had missed, for which I was extremely grateful. (One of these days, I need to write about a post about how truly amazing SQLAlchemy is.)

Open source projects create the opportunities for good things to happen. Most of the time. (Or maybe it’s just the python projects.)

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