Okay, I lied.

When I needed a break over the holidays from my research, where do I turn? To coding, of course.

I’m a FixedGearGallery addict. The idea of the site is that people send in photos of their fixed-gear bicycles and usually some details about how they built them up. The site is updated every weekday with new entries. Yeah, it’s a little dorky but for bike nuts (like me!), it’s a lot of fun. There are some really creative things people have done with their bikes.

I decided to write a little script to parse the FGG listings and create an index organized by “marque” (make/model). There’s already two search functions on FGG, but my index lets you browse and also provides a count for each marque. It’s just another way to navigate the content.

Here is the link: http://codefork.com/fgg/


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