When Your Blackberry Loses Its EDGE

An old entry about my T-Mobile phone gets some search traffic, so I thought posting about this experience might be helpful to other desperate googlers as well.

Two days ago, the Internet access—that is, the EDGE connection—on my Blackberry Curve stopped working at my apartment. Voice calls still worked fine. Occasionally the signal would flicker between GSM and EDGE, which has never happened in the past. If I walked four blocks away, applications like the browser and mail client would work again. EDGE also worked on campus, four miles away. So, for some mysterious reason, this problem was location-specific to just the tower near my apartment. It took two days to even figure all of this out.

Three separate calls to T-Mobile did no good, mostly because I didn’t have easy access to another line so they could troubleshoot my Curve. They did something called a “location reset,” if I remember correctly, but that didn’t help. So I started googling some forums and experimenting.

From what I’ve pieced together, the problem above can occur if Service Book settings get corrupted. The way to fix this is to get a new set of Service Book data sent to your phone from the provider. On the Curve, you do this in the following way:

– Select “Options”
– Select “Advanced Options”
– Select “Host Routing Table”
– Hit the Menu key and select “Register Now”
– The phone will re-register with the provider, who will send new Service Book data to the phone.

Obviously, EDGE has to be operational for the data to be sent, so this fix only works if EDGE is broken in certain locations but you can still make the registration request elsewhere.

Hope this helps someone.

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