The Virtues of Simplicity

In this age of bloated software, it’s hard to find solutions that do what you need without a ton of unnecessary complexity. Software that’s more complex than the problem at hand makes it costly to learn, maintain, and troubleshoot. For companies and individuals with limited resources, that’s a real challenge. Glenn (my current client) and I wanted a solution to replace some slow performing CGIs but mod_perl was too much. Plus the idea of embedding a perl interpreter in Apache seemed scary.

I looked for perl web application server options that could be proxied through Apache. That architecture would give us the performance benefits of code preloaded into memory, persistent database connections, and precompiled templates. The only thing I found was OpenInteract, but its module list is quite large, and the project hasn’t been updated in a while. I didn’t want to have to dig around a ton of foreign code if I needed to squash a bug. So I decided to write my own.

The result is a neat little thing I call “perlserver,” a heavily modified version of this piece of public domain code for a preforking HTTP server. I deliberately kept it simple but gave it all the needed features: URL-to-handler mapping, safeguards against memory leaks, maximum configurability. It’s only 450 lines of code and is tightly integrated with the LWP modules. To convert the existing set of perl CGIs, the code was simply wrapped in packages that conform to a simple API understood by perlserver. Existing URLs were proxied to perlserver by clever RewriteRules in Apache.

Before, a CGI that built a complex page typically took 900 – 1500ms. Now, the same page served from perlserver by proxy takes around 300 – 400ms.

I’m thinking about releasing the code as open source. It’s not fancy, but that’s why it’s great: it’s a good option for sites that want better perl performance without the tedious complexity of other existing solutions.

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